The E-Factor Diet Review. Is This Diet Plan Good For You?

e-factor diet review

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The E-Factor Diet Introduction

Do you want to lose a few extra pounds, boost your health, increase your energy levels and speed up your metabolism? Consider using the new diet formed by John Rowley commonly referred to as the E-Factor Diet. The program provides you with the best diet to lose your weight fast. This article therefore examines and provides the E-Factor Diet Review.

What is entailed in the E-Factor Diet?

e-factor diet reviewThe program offers a unique plan whereby, you do not have to count your calories or stick to a low fat diet so as to shed some extra pounds. The program is concerned about e-factors and proper timing of your meals. The diet simply suggests that you should avoid meals which are intolerant to your body, consume as much protein as you want, as much water as you as well as plenty of vegetables.

The only limitation provided for this diet plan is that you should consume specific meals on certain times.

What are the E-Factors?

The E-Factors represent the four “E‘s” which are explained in the diet plan andstand for:

-Energetic foods

-Enzymatic foods

-Endothermic foods

-Enjoy Every Meal

Who is the founder of the diet plan?

JohnJohn Rowley, who is a Nutrition and Fitness specialist came up with the idea of the diet program. John, has assisted many people to shed extra pounds and maintain a healthy lifestyle. He has also published a book about his diet plan along with other e-books. John has been seen on many TV shows such as the US News, PBS, NBC, Martha Stewart Show and Fox News. He has helped many people on how to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle. He’s a real guy who went through many different stages in his live and was even overweight. So he knows feels overweight and how exactly you can get started to lose weight.

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The components of the diet plan The E-Factor diet book:

  • This is the major book and has 103 pages which gives a detailed information about the various types of meals and dieting. The contents are written in a simple and easy manner making it understandable even for a beginner.The E-Factor book is a special book that has a variety of guidelines that one can follow in order to lose weight easily. The book specifies the core problems that are associated with the weight loss programs. The core problems have always been considered to be the foods one eats and the enzymes that are in those foods. Moreover, the book gives guidelines on the foods one can eat and can be in a position to control the effects the food imposes on them. The book is essential for the people who want to take control of the food cravings and lose weight easily.The E-Factor diet is a meal plan that gives you guidelines on which types of food to eat at what time of the day and which ones not to. They specify the kind of E-Factor foods to be taken at certain specific times of the day they include various food subgroups such as endothermic foods, energetic foods and carbohydrates and enzymatic foods also known fibers. Endothermic foods enhance the fat burning process of the body.The E-Factor diet aids in avoiding histamine which builds up in the body over time causing inflammations and swelling in certain parts of the body. Such swellings normally give a wrong impression of a person’s body size. The E-Factor diet enhances deamination of histamine and retention of real body size. The E-Factor diet provides a detailed guideline on how to lose extra weight. the plan is presented in the form of a booklet containing the following details:

e-factor diet

  • Weight Loss Handbook. This is a content book with 5 pages and does not really give much information about how you will go about loosing your weight. It is an instruction manual that provides guidelines on how to lose weight faster. the details in this booklet clearly outline what one can do in order to get rid of excess weight. these include frequent physical exercise which helps to get rid of excess mineral salts through sweat and also getting rid of fats embedded in the skin. Eating the specified e-foods in good time is also highlighted in the manual. it capitalizes on how this helps to maintain the body weight loss consistency.

weight loss handbook

  • Grocery Guide. This is a 5 page book content that provides guidelines on the types of food to eat. It provides a list of foods to be eaten for maximum weight loss. they include simple sweet foods but help greatly in weight loss. These foods are easy to get and have the ability to trigger the E-Factor effect. it contains information on the foods to be taken such as proteins, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, preferred fats, and condiments. This include:

grocery guide

  • Proteins
  • Fat choices
  • Vegetables
  • Condiments
  • Fruits
  • Carbohydrates

  • Meal Planning Blue Print. This book content contains 25 pages and helps you to plan your meals. It provides examples for morning, midday and night snacks and meals. It guides on the amounts of proteins (body building foods) to be taken at the various time intervals.

meal planning blueprint

  • Cheat your Way Trim. This is a 12 page book content that explains about cheat meals. Cheat foods are a must since they are also important. They help you attain your goal quickly and stimulate your metabolism. It gives the guidelines on how one can enjoy their favorite meals to the fullest without any restrictions and still manage a way out to lose weight. Cheat meals are necessary and mandatory since they help one to achieve goals within the shortest time possible. Also, they help speed up (catalyze) metabolic rate thus speeding up the weight loss process.

cheat your way trim

I’m not talking about those five bonuses which undoubtedly will please you. If someone interesting read about it below.

The E-Factor diet does not hinder someone from consuming their favorites. However, it only provides a clear guideline on how to enjoy every kind of food to the fullest while still following up on the goal of losing weight. The e-diet factor formula is available online and can be purchased at different prices depending on how you want the information to appear. The booklet provides in-depth information on how to shed off extra weight. The E-Factor diet handout is available in various websites all over the internet. they can easily be purchased at the click of a button. But on the you can download it in PDF format for free (just use the button above).

  • Bonus #1: Fast Food Guide. This is a 9 page guide whereby John Rowley provides a list of good selected meals you can eat from fast food hotels. He literally gives a list of 10 various fast food companies in the book.

fast food guide

  • Bonus #2: Smoothie Shop. This book content has a variety of recipes for smoothies. Majority of the recipes do not take long to prepare and mostly are made with fruits.

smoothie shop

  • Bonus #3: All-Day Energy Secrets. This book has detailed information on how to increase your energy levels when you require it. It features, Unique Energy Enhancers, Natural Energy Boosting Tips, Easy Movements you can undertake and Easy Energy Tips.

all-day energy secrets

  • Bonus #4: Joint Recovery Workshop. This provides a webinar recording done by John and is presented in an MP3 File.

joint recovery workshop

  • Bonus #5: Elite support Community. This provides a Facebook group where you can get assistance to attain your targets.

elite support community

How the members area looks like?

members area(Click on the image for full size in new window)

Advantages of the Program

  • The full plan has lots of useful contents.
  • Every detail is properly arranged, simple to read and comprehend.
  • The diet program is personalized.
  • It is simple to follow for both you and your family.
  • It will certainly change your life positively.
  • It has additional helpful and great bonuses.

Disadvantages of the Program

  • You have to alter a few of your habits in order to achieve your goals.

My Personal Review. What I liked in the E-Factor Diet?

First of all, this simple program explained above is going to help you cut down on those excess fat stores. You will be able to identify a suitable diet plan that works well with you. If you make it your responsibility to eat the right food and keep off those meals which are intolerant to your body, you will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and loose weight quickly.

Download The E-Factor Diet FREE PDF E-Book (PDF file)

download the e-factor diet free pdf

The E-Factor Diet Video Review

The E-Factor Diet Review. Download E-Factor… FitnessRemediesDiets


The diet is ideal for anyone. It does mater your age or gender, it works well for everyone. The E-Factor Diet Program provides a holistic solution that will help you improve your health, gain more energy levels, stimulate your metabolism as well as shed those extra fat stores.

If you have any questions about E-Factor Diet feel free to contact us using contact form or post comment below.

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