Top 10 Foods That Will Aid You To Achieve Healthy Weight Loss While Suppressing Your Hunger

Top 10 Foods That Will Aid You To Achieve Healthy Weight Loss While Suppressing Your Hunger

“I’m SO hungry… but I don’t want to gain some extra pounds…” Common situation, isn’t it?

Top 10 Foods That Will Aid You To Achieve Healthy Weight Loss While Suppressing Your Hunger

Losing the excess weight is really a challenging and tough task in one’s life. The major reasons for obesity are inactive lifestyle and consuming wrong foods. When an individual feels that he or she has put some weight, then they will take all possible steps, or following a crash diet, to reduce the surplus weight. This causes hunger pangs in them, making them consume more food, which results in putting up more weight. However, there are several ways, such as doing physical exercises, following reliable and effective weight loss programs, etc., to reduce your weight. Whatever ways you choose to achieve weight loss, it is vital to consume healthy foods, which are low in calories. This means that your calorie intake should be less and your calorie burning should be more. When comes to control your appetite pangs, you have to take foods that kill hunger. This will prevent you from longing for consuming wrong foods and consuming more foods. What are those foods for losing weight? To know them, read this article further.

#1 Apple


Apples is one of the most effective as well as the healthiest foods that kill hunger and aid you greatly in losing weight. This is because an apple is not only a low-fat and low-calorie food, but it is also an appetite suppressant and a fiber rich food. This means that the fiber content in the fruit will make you feel full quickly, which, in turn will prevent you from eating more food. Moreover, apples will aid you considerably in keeping up your blood sugar levels in a healthy way. This will help you prevent foods that are rich is carbohydrates, which is the major reason for gaining the weight.

#2 Oatmeal


Oatmeal is one of the most versatile and easily digestive foods for losing weight. It is rich in fiber, which will make you feel less starving, as it includes slow-burning good carbohydrates. Furthermore, the fiber content in the food will make you feel satiated quickly. Moreover, as oats are low in glycemic index, the oatmeal is a highly recommended food for diabetics. You can achieve healthy weight loss quickly by adding the oats with the milk that is low in fat to convert it into a power-packed breakfast.

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#3 Pine nuts

Pine nuts

Pine nuts are the wealthy resource of pinolenic acid. This is a polyunsaturated fat chemical, which plays a vital role in suppressing your hunger in a natural way. This is for the reason that the pinolenic acid is capable of stimulating two powerful hunger curbing hormones, such as peptide 1 and cholecystokinin. These hormones will propel the satiation signals to your brain, discouraging the longing to eat more food. Moreover, the pine nuts are rich in protein, as well. This will offer you steady stamina to your body to make you active through the day. A healthy serving of pine nuts will aid you greatly in suppressing your hunger and will assist you achieve healthy weight loss.

#4 Flax seeds

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are one of the most recommended foods for losing weight. This is for the reason that these seeds contain sufficient amounts of protein and omega-3 fats. They are also rich in fiber content. Taking a 30-gram of flax seeds will offer you 8 grams of fiber. This means that adding more flax seeds to your daily meal will delay the increase in the level of the glucose in your body. Consequently, you can have better control over the hunger producing hormones, so you will eat less. Another major benefit of flax seeds is that you can add them to any of your favorite foods, such as salads, sandwiches, smoothies, or curries.

#5 Water


If you feel that your body has everything it needs, but makes you eat more food, you can drink water, rather than consuming extra foods. This is for the reason that it is one of the safest foods for losing weight, as it is a drink with no calories. It is also the greatest hunger-controlling drink, when you are seeking an inexpensive and effective way to lose weight. The water will deceive your brain by making it to think that your stomach is full. Therefore, you drink the water all through the day whenever you feel hungry. Drinking two cups of water before your regular meals will make you consume less food. This, in turn, will aid you greatly in achieving healthy weight loss.

#6 Green tea

Green tea

Green tea is one of the well-known foods that kill hunger. This is because it will offer you the real benefits of antioxidants. Moreover, it will stimulate the discharge of hormones, which are capable of controlling or restricting your food longings. It is also an ideal food product, which can promote thermogenesis, thereby, increasing your metabolism, slowing down the digestion of fat in your body, and increasing your stamina. Green tea burns your excess fat in a natural way, as well. It will aid you greatly in burning a maximum of 43% of unwanted fat, as well.

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#7 Whey protein

Whey protein

You can use whey protein not only to build your muscles, but you can also use it as one of the foods for losing weight. It is also one of the hunger-killing foods because it has the power to offer you the feeling of satisfaction, so you will eat foods in fewer quantities and less frequently. Whey protein has several other benefits, such as improving the function of your immune system and controlling the levels of your blood pressure.

#8 Soups


If you are interested in foods that kill hunger and promote weight loss, then you can opt for taking soups. It is a highly recommended food product by most dieticians to those, who want to achieve healthy weight loss. Taking a minimum of two-portions of soup, which is low in calorie, will offer you immense weight loss. As soups have high water content, they can naturally suppress you hunger. They are considered the best low-calorie foods for losing weight. Any low-calorie soup will allow you to reduce 50% of your excess weight easily and quickly.

#9 Salads


A salad, which is prepared with spinach, cabbages and endives, will not only yummy, but it is also considered one of the foods for losing weight. Consuming a small salad earlier than your main meal will prevent you from excess eating. Salads, which are prepared with spinach, cabbages and endives, include more fiber content. This will interrupt the access of glucose into your bloodstream, so you will feel starving quickly. Taking a salad that contains 100 calories prior to your dinner will make you consume a 12-calorie less food.

#10 Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate

Although dark chocolates are the ideal foods that kill hunger, it is better to eat them in small quantities. Their bittersweet flavor will aid you to have better control over your hunger. This is because the antioxidants in these chocolates will function as a hunger suppressant, which, in turn, will assist you shred your extra pounds.

Maybe you know some other foods for losing weight and which killing hunger. So share with others using comments below.

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