Know the Effective Bodybuilding Workouts and a Healthy Meal Plan for Beginners

bodybuilding for beginners tips for training lagging muscles

If you are new to the world of bodybuilding, you should know two vital things. The first thing is that you should have the aspiration for self-improvement. The second thing is that you should prepare yourself in a healthy way to construct your physique. This means that you should follow a healthy meal plan to get the real effects of the bodybuilding workouts for beginners. Moreover, constructing muscles through workouts and bodybuilding meal plan for beginners will not give you the result overnight. It takes time, so you need focus and stability. However, you can see a dramatic muscle gain within six to twelve months of the start of your effort to building your body. This article will educate you on the workouts you have to do and the meal plan you have to follow to see the results you need.

What bodybuilding is all about?

what is bodybuilding in details

If you are a beginner, you should first know that you have to train too often when compared to experienced and intermediate people. This is for the reason that you will know the way to push your muscles firmer and will cause more damage, which will take longer to get over. As a beginner, you will feel pain, but you will recover quicker than veterans and intermediates will. This is because you will not experience any severe muscular damage due to simple workouts.

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However, you should not give up your effort due to damage. It is rather a good start for a beginner to incur restricted muscle damage. This is for the reason that it will push your body to recover and will grow a little to get you ready for upcoming workouts. This is all about bodybuilding, which is a nonstop cycle, pushing you two steps forward and one step backward.

What is a meal plan for beginners?

bodybuilding for beginners meal plan

When workouts are combined with an effective meal plan, it will offer you the desired results. When you lead a new lifestyle, you have to keep an eye on your everyday diet to support your active life. However, no diet is perfect to all. This means that it counts on your age and the weight of your body.

However, the vital thing while following a bodybuilding meal plan for beginners is that first, you have to avoid consuming junk foods. This is because eating junk foods, such as candy, fast food, sweet sodas, etc., will not only make you obese, but they will also prevent you from constructing your muscles. They will prevent you from getting the required nutrition to complement your bodybuilding workouts for beginners, as well.

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If you would like to follow an effective bodybuilding meal plan for beginners to suit your workouts, you are supposed to take foods, which are rich in protein. This is because protein has the ability to repair your exhausted muscles efficiently. Some of the protein-rich foods you can take include tuna, chicken, lean beef, milk without fat, tofu, etc. These foods will not only aid you greatly in constructing your muscles, but they will also offer you the required nutrition.

Recommended bodybuilding workouts for beginners

Following a simple workout regimen for beginners during your muscle-constructing effort will allow you to build your body in a safe way. This will offer you the permanent results, as well. Splitting the workouts evenly throughout the week will not only allow you to do them interestingly, but it will offer you better results, as well. Here are the simple bodybuilding workouts for beginners that you have to do daily to attain your bodybuilding goals.

On Monday, you can do some simple workouts for your upper body to strengthen your chest muscles. You can do two sets of the below-mentioned exercises each set containing 10 to 12 repetitions.

On Tuesday, you can do some lower body workouts, such as:

You can take a complete rest on Wednesday.

Again, you can do some additional upper body workouts on Thursday, such as:

Again, you do some extra lower body workouts on Friday, in addition to the ones you did on Tuesday, such as Donkey Calf Raises and Hack Squat.

Saturday should be your rest day to make yourself recover from the weariness.

Bodybuilding meal plan for beginners

As a beginner, your meal plan should include more green vegetables and fruits, which are rich in fiber. This is because it will improve the digestive system of your body.

You have to drink sufficient water daily while following the meal plan. This will compensate the water content you have lost during your workout session. This means that your body will be in hydrated condition at all times. Doing your bodybuilding workouts for beginners with a dehydrated body will lead to fatigue and sluggishness during your workout session. Avoid drinking soda and coffee, but sufficient water during your rest days, as well.

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While following your bodybuilding plan for beginners, it is better and safe to split your meals into some smaller meals, instead of bigger ones. This will aid you greatly in stabilizing the levels of your blood glucose, ensuring that your body will get the required nutrients. Avoid taking dinner with foods that are rich in carbohydrates. This is because the carbs will be stored as fat in your body.

Divide your daily meals into five simple meal plans, such as:

Your first meal should include foods, such as:

  • One cup of oatmeal.
  • Five egg whites.
  • One medium-size banana.
  • 8 oz of orange juice.

You can take the following foods during your second meal:

  • 8 oz of chicken breast.
  • A half cup of mixed vegetables.
  • A half cup of brown rice.

For your third meal, you can take:

  • One Granola bar.
  • 12 oz of skim milk.
  • One small apple.

For your fourth meal, you can take one can of apple juice and Tuna.

Finally, you can take a protein shake as your fifth meal. 

Bodybuilding meal plan for beginners 2500 calories


Combining effective, simple workouts with a healthy, preplanned meal plan will offer you the results you need. You may have trouble at first while following a strict bodybuilding meal plan for beginners. Similarly, you may be slightly bored while doing the same workouts. However, you have to involve yourself with great interest in doing these simple bodybuilding workouts and healthy meal plan for beginners if you really want to achieve your muscle construction goals.

So, if you want to know more about bodybuilding or you’re an experienced bodybuilder ask questions or share with your own experience using comments below.

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